What You Need to Know About Traveling with Medical Marijuana

Although medical marijuana is legal in many states, including Florida, it’s still classified as a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law. With this in mind, traveling with medical marijuana can bring up many questions and apprehensions. 

Understanding the laws and regulations surrounding medical marijuana in the state that you’re traveling to can help ensure that your trip isn’t derailed. 

Airline and TSA Medical Marijuana Regulations

The TSA has publicly stated that officers don’t search for marijuana or other illegal drugs. Instead, they’re looking for potential security threats. However, if a TSA officer does find marijuana (including medical marijuana) or a product containing cannabis during a search, they’re legally required to inform law enforcement.  

Although the TSA may not stop you from carrying medical marijuana, U.S. states that haven’t yet legalized medical cannabis may charge you for possession, even if you have a medical marijuana card. Additionally, some airlines (such as American Airlines) have banned marijuana, including medical marijuana, from their flights.

State Medical Marijuana Regulations

Some U.S. states have reciprocity programs, meaning that they adhere to other states’ laws. Reciprocity programs vary, and you may need to register for the state’s medical-marijuana program to legally use cannabis in that state during your trip.

Make sure to check the requirements for the state that you’re traveling to well ahead of time, as you may need to sign up for the program in advance of your trip. For example, Arkansas requires visitors to register for the medical cannabis program 30 days before their trip and pay a $50 fee. 

Additionally, it’s important to check the state’s possession limits, which vary across the country. Some states only allow out-of-state visitors to possess one once, even if they have a medical marijuana card. 

With all of this information in mind, traveling with medical marijuana requires some research. However, by checking the regulations of your airline and the state that you plan to travel to, you can plan accordingly. 

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