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Tetra Holistic Care physicians are all members of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC) and make regular contributions from their clinical experience to the SCC searchable database to share and expand the knowledge of clinical use of cannabis with their colleagues. Tetra physicians are up to date in Continuing Medical Education courses and seminars to keep themselves at the forefront of the rapidly-evolving field of clinical and medical applications of cannabis and holistic medicine.

Tetra Holistic Care physicians are determined to give access to cannabis therapy to all the many Floridians who suffer from medical problems amenable to the remarkable members of the marijuana family and we stand 100% behind our recommendations.

Dr. McTaggart has been practicing for 35 years, and decided to make the transition to the field of medical cannabis when he continued to see the many benefits patients were having with the medical use of Cannabis. Dr McTaggart founded Tetra Holistic Care as a means to offer compassionate care and share his knowledge and expertise with his patients. Dr McTaggart and his staff continue to expand their education on this ever-changing medical cannabis journey.

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