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What Do You Need to Start the Medical Marijuana Application Process?

Medical Records:

The doctor requires that you have your medical records in hand when you arrive for your exam. It is imperative for the doctor to be able to review these records to confirm your diagnosis. This is a State of Florida requirement.

Up-to-Date Florida ID:

As of 2019 the State of Florida will no longer accept anything other than a State ID or Drivers License. nothing else.  It has to be valid (not expired) it also must have the correct address that the card will be sent to. If its not your living address you cannot obtain your MMJ card any longer.


When booking an appointment at our Tampa health center, we ask for a $50 deposit to secure your appointment. This fee will be deducted from your office visit.

At your first appointment, you will be charged a balance of $199. This can be paid in cash or with a debit or credit card. Your total fee will be $249.

An additional fee of $75 goes to the state through a debit or credit card, check, or money order. At the second appointment, a payment of $149 is due for the state’s mandatory face to face evaluation at 210 days and will be taken care of the day of that appointment.

There is a $149 transferring patient admin fee when transferring from a doctor outside of the Tetra umbrella and is due at the time of your appointment.

*Federal law prohibits any medical marijuana patient from owning or purchasing a firearm.

Medical Cannabis Application Process:

Tetra Health Centers will take care of your application process in the office. All you need to bring is the $75 for your appointment on a debit or credit card, check, or money order.

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