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Can Cannabis Beat Glioma?

Glioma is widely regarded as one of the deadliest cancers to exist today, its aggressive tumors swiftly invading unaffected brain tissue and displaying extreme resistance to surgery and typical medical treatment. They are still affected by cannabinoids.

A 2005 investigation conducted by the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute reported that application of the THC cannabinoid on human glioblastoma multiforme cell lines markedly reduced the growth of malignant cells and caused apoptosis-also known as automated cell death-at a much quicker pace than application of a synthetic cannabis receptor agonist called WIN-55,212-2. THC was also recorded to target only malignant cells, completely ignoring healthy versions in a much more pronounced manner than the alternative synthetic. With other treatments, patients diagnosed with glioblatoma multiforme will usually die in less than three months without therapy.

The ability of CBD to fight glioma cell growth in a dose dependent manner has been proven through both in vitro and animal testing by research in Italy. Because of this, research is now being conducted in Spain to see whether intracranial administration of cannabinoids will increase the life expectancy of patients with inoperable brain cancer.

The journal Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry recently wrote that studies have proven the capability of THC and CBD to halt the advance of lung and skin carcinoma, leukemia and colectoral, prostate and breast cancer.

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