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Cannabis and Nausea

While not explicitly a medical condition, and rarely a life-threatening symptom, nausea is still one of the most common symptoms that occur in many dangerous diseases such as cancer and multiple sclerosis. It can even be a simple reaction to the treatment for a specific disease, such as the vomiting normally associated with chemotherapy.

Those patients undergoing chemotherapy to treat cancer are among the most in need of cannabis as relief from their nausea and as an appetite stimulant to combat the extreme loss of appetite induced by the pain and nausea of the chemotherapy treatments.

While cancer is surely the most prominent role for cannabis’ anti-nausea effects, it has uses elsewhere: marijuana has been known to relieve the nausea normally induced by morning sickness. This news may be of concern to some; for ingesting marijuana while pregnant should be dangerous, no? Surprisingly, studies in Jamaica by Dr. Melanie Dreher have shown that there was no difference between newborns and one-month-old babies whose mothers had either used or did not use cannabis during pregnancy.

When consuming cannabis during pregnancy, the best choice is usually through vaporization, as then it is able to bypass the GI tract and stay in the body, allowing it easy access to relieve the nausea of morning sickness.

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