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Cannabis Fights Brain Tumors

Tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly known as THC, is considered the most well-known chemical in cannabis due to its effects being considered the staple of how marijuana acts on the body and brain. However, one of its effects not known to many is its fascinating ability to not only prevent tumorous growths from forming in the brain, but also eliminating them as well. This amazing interaction occurs through a process induced by the THC called autophagy, which is basically cell suicide. Instead of feeding on healthy brain cells and growing to lethal sizes, the cancer cells instead begin to devour one another until they are completely destroyed, leaving the brain perfectly healthy all without the need for dangerous and debilitating synthetic drugs normally used in this scenario.

This extraordinary interaction was first discovered in 2008 by scientists at Complutense University who were able to document dramatic relief in as small of a time frame as two weeks. After further research in this field, an experiment was conducted on two subjects afflicted with glioblastoma, a vicious reoccurring tumor that has an almost one hundred percent mortality rate. After the administration of THC, a large reduction in tumor size and conversely proportional growth in autophagy was reported. Yet the biggest surprise of all was that the patients reported zero negative effects from the THC administrations in contrast to the highly damaging and possibly lethal effects they could have suffered had they been treated with standard medication instead.

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