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Cannabis Treating Alcoholism?

Multiple studies in the recent years have been created for the exclusive purpose of whether cannabis can be used as an effective treatment for dependence on or withdrawals from alcohol. These studies have confirmed that in the majority of cases, applying cannabis to the CB1 brain receptor will aid in withdrawal and addiction both during addiction and in recovery as well. In layman’s terms: when a patient who is suffering from alcoholism is administered medical cannabis, the cannabinoid receptor in their brain will be activated and aid in lessening the patient’s alcohol dependence.

It is widely accepted that if an individual halts their drinking abruptly following years of abuse and addiction there is almost certain cause for deadly withdrawals to take place. INSERM, a French medical research group, conducted research that aligned with the results of studies done by the Complutense University in Madrid and the research group CAD (Cannabis for Alcohol Dependence), showing that cannabis use during withdrawal from alcohol has the potential to safeguard the neurons in the brain from the typical death of cells that will occur during alcohol withdrawal. This cell death, if left unchecked, will almost certainly lead to death in the abuser.

Not only has CBD been shown to aid in the struggles of alcoholism, but it has been shown to aid in reversing and preventing the effects of alcohol poisoning. These studies are still underway, but the future of CBD is bright with possibility.

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