Can Medical Cannabis Be Used as an Anorexia Treatment?

Millions of people, both women, and men suffer from eating disorders. Among the various eating disorders, anorexia has the highest risk of mortality. Given the life-threatening nature of this disorder, research into effective treatment options is extremely. 

Medical cannabis is emerging as a potential treatment option for anorexia due to its effect on appetite. Let’s learn more about cannabis’s potential as an anorexia treatment below. Continue reading

What Is Telemedicine?

As a result of COVID-19, the state of Florida is allowing patients to complete reevaluations for medical marijuana services. This allows patients to avoid gaps in medical marijuana treatment without having to leave the safety of their homes. 

Telemedicine enhances accessibility to healthcare services by allowing patients to receive care remotely. The expansion of telehealth services in Florida is an exciting advancement for patients and physicians alike. Continue reading

Why It Is Important to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Certification Before It Expires?

Medical marijuana cards must be renewed to ensure patient safety and the responsible use of marijuana products. With this requirement, the Office of Medical Marijuana Use, or OMMU, helps make sure that medical marijuana remains a beneficial treatment option for qualifying patients. 

It’s crucial for patients to renew their medical marijuana certifications well before the expiration date. Read on to learn more. 

Medical Marijuana Card Renewal in Florida

Upon approval, medical marijuana patients in Florida are given a medical marijuana identification card. This card is issued by the Office of Medical Marijuana Use of the Florida Department of Health, and it expires one year after the initial date of approval. You’ll see the expiration date on the card beneath your birth date. Continue reading

Can I Get a DUI If I’m a Patient in the MMU Registry?

Medical marijuana patients often have questions about marijuana regulations that pertain to them while driving. In Florida, although medical marijuana has been legalized, patients in the MMU registry are subject to various laws and regulations, including many that apply when you’re behind the wheel. Read on to get informed about these legal regulations and ensure that your use of medical marijuana is lawful. 

Medical Marijuana in Florida

If you have a qualifying condition and have received approval from a medical marijuana doctor, like a member of the staff at Tetra Health Care, you can legally obtain medical marijuana in Florida. Upon doctor approval, you’ll receive a medical marijuana card and be added to the MMU Registry. Continue reading

Does Law Enforcement Have Access to the MMU To See If I Am an Active Patient?

This is a question that many of our patients have, and we wanted to address it here for all of them. It is important that you know your rights and responsibilities as a driver, medical cannabis patient, and citizen. 

It should have been stressed when you first got your medical marijuana card that you should keep it on you at all times. Law enforcement doesn’t have access to the MMU to determine if you are an active patient or if you have seen your doctor as required. Continue reading

Leading conditions That Respond Well to Medical Cannabis

Medical marijuana has been legal in Florida for some time and recently opened up to allowing for the sale and purchase of fresh flowers. Unfortunately, some people are still questioning whether or not cannabis can actually be considered medicine. Here are just a few medical conditions that have been proven to respond well to medical cannabis.Continue reading

MMJ Card Scams in Florida: What to Know to Protect Yourself

With the new rules allowing smoking cannabis in Florida, there have been medical marijuana card scams resurfacing in the area. There are some red flags that you should look for when checking out certification services. Many of them are only out to take your money, and you could get in a lot of trouble if you think you are legal when you are not. Here is what you need to know to protect yourself.

You must have a previous diagnosis.

If you are working with a doctor that claims they can give you your medical diagnosis and your MMJ recommendation in the same appointment, it is a scam. This is completely illegal. You must have a previously diagnosed condition that has had ongoing treatment. Continue reading

What to expect with your telemedicine appointment

How familiar are you with the state’s medical marijuana laws, really? Most patients are very confused about Florida’s MMJ laws. Part of this is due to the fact that they have changed more than once since medical cannabis was approved in 2016. Only recently have patients been able to purchase flower for smoking marijuana.

Unfortunately, finding the information you really need can be extremely difficult. We try to make the process simple. Here is what you should expect with your telemedicine appointment.

Providing information about your medical condition

If you have a medical condition that should qualify you for an MMJ card, you should have provided that information when you made your appointment. You must have a previously diagnosed condition that you have been under treatment with a doctor. If you are just getting a diagnosis, or if you are seeking diagnosis to get an MMJ card, you will not be able to do so.Continue reading

How Cannabis Treats Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

There is no cure for MS, but that doesn’t mean you should be miserable. There are a lot of pharmaceuticals that can be used to treat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, but these can have harmful side effects and may not work for everyone. Luckily, Florida offers another all-natural treatment that could reduce the occurence or annoyance of symptoms.

Bladder control issues

The most embarrassing symptom of MS is the inability to control the bladder. Patients may have frequent urination or urge, difficulty holding the bladder when needed, or leaking urine when coughing or sneezing. These are all indicators of different types of bladder control problems, but all of them are shown to improve with cannabis use.Continue reading

Getting Your Florida MMJ: Certification and Purchasing Information

We get calls, emails, and visits from patients every day asking how to get certified, if they can get certified, and how they can buy their products once they are in the database. Here are the things you need to know before starting this process.

Getting Your Medical Cannabis Certification in Florida

You can’t get your MMJ certification from just any doctor. There are doctors specifically signed up for the state registry who are allowed to perform examinations and review medical records to determine if a patient qualifies for a medical card. Getting your recommendation is pretty easy to do once you find a participating doctor.Continue reading