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Different Ways of Using Medical Marijuana in Florida

Medical marijuana is legal in Florida to help treat conditions ranging from PTSD to glaucoma to cancer and more. When people think about marijuana, they typically think about smoking traditional cannabis flowers. However, there are several ways to use medical marijuana, making it simple to find an option that suits your lifestyle.  

Different ways to use medical cannabis in Florida include:


One of the most popular ways to consume medical cannabis is to vaporize the flower. Cartridges are widely used to vaporize flowers and contain refined cannabis distillate. This extract is warmed up within the cartridge, creating vapor that can be inhaled. 

The key benefits of using marijuana cartridges include:

  • Vaporizing cannabis omits various byproducts found in smoke.
  • The cannabis extract found in cartridges provides higher levels of cannabinoids than conventional flowers.
  • Cannabis cartridges don’t require as many inhalations to intake the same volume of cannabinoids. 

Tinctures and Drops

Medical cannabis tinctures and drops are consumed orally or placed under the tongue. These products are available in many different formulations, making it easy to find the right combination of THC and CBD for your needs. You can also find liquid products that solely contain THC or CBD. 

The key benefits of liquid medical cannabis products include:

  • Liquid products are very quick and easy to consume. 
  • You can find a product to suit your exact needs and preferences. 

Topical Products

If you’re looking to alleviate localized pain or inflammation, you may want to consider topical marijuana products. Topical creams, lotions, and gels are applied to the skin so that the cannabinoids can absorb into the skin, muscles, and joints without reaching the bloodstream. 

The key benefits of topical products include:

  • Since topical products don’t reach the bloodstream, you don’t have to worry about the psychoactive effects of THC. 
  • Topical products can be applied directly to the area of the body in which you’re experiencing pain or inflammation. 

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