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Fighting Skin Cancer With Hemp Oil

It’s no strange fact that over 2 million Americans are diagnosed with one or more varieties of skin cancer each year, which also correlates to much more recognized cancers such as breast, prostate, colon and lung. Not only that, but recent studies have shown that one-fifth of Americans will contract skin cancer in their lifetimes, while one person dies from melanoma every hour in the United States alone.

Though these statistics are frightening to say the least, there is a ray of hope: Hemp oil. This oil, which is regarded by many to be a super food, contains omega 3 and 6, along with gamma linoleic acid (GLA). The concentration of GLA in hemp oil is 5% higher than any other plant in the world, while the acid itself is known to aid in relief from a range of medical disorders and conditions including breast and skin cancer. By boosting healthy cell growth, the GLA neutralizes cancer cells in the body naturally.

Hemp has been proven to fight and even eliminate skin cancer through application of its powerful nutrients and beneficial acids directly to the lesions symptomatic of skin cancer. To treat these lesions one must apply a healthy amount of oil to their surface and cover completely with a waterproof bandage. After three full days, they should then remove the bandage and clean the area with isopropyl alcohol, then repeat the process. The process should be repeated until two or three weeks after the lesion has completely disappeared from sight in order to completely neutralize the subcutaneous cancer cells.

Treating one of the most common cancers in America is just one of the amazing benefits of cannabis that has been discovered in the thousands of years it has been used as a medication for an incredible variety of conditions and diseases. Though illegal under federal law, the fact stands that almost nothing is as effective at curing one of the most common forms of cancer to date.


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