Chronic pain affects a huge number of patients who all suffer from a wide variety of diseases and injuries, from AIDS to cancer to multiple sclerosis and even degenerative bone disorders or severe burns. Regardless of the original problem, chronic pain will always be a symptom whose frequency and severity differ from patient to patient. The treatment for chronic pain must therefore be able to control all levels of pain in all their appearances in order to reduce its effects of depression and despair, which can by themselves lead to patient death though refusal of potentially lifesaving procedures.

For chronic pain, cannabis is a strong contender in giving relief and rest in an efficient and safe manner. Cannabis can do this because it offers true pain relief when taken either alone or with other analgesics, and also possesses the ability to control the nausea and vomiting that come not only with chronic pain, but also as side effects of the standard opiates prescribed to relieve the pain.

While it is true that opiates are the standard treatment for chronic pain, they are unfortunately very damaging to a patient’s health, in many cases inducing severe nausea that can lead to anorexia, cachexia and malnourishment as the patient’s health declines. In many cases, the patient will decline so far that they stop taking their pain medication just to find relief from the nausea.

In contrast to the many times deadly effects of opiates on patients, cannabis can also provide an almost instant relief from pain without the nausea and anorexia and is generally much more pleasant on the body, either when inhaled or taken as an extract.

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