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How Cannabis is Crucial in the Treatment of PTSD

There still rages much debate about medical marijuana’s viability as a treatment for PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, with some states like California allowing it while others like Colorado are against its use for this specific condition. With as many as 31% of veterans diagnosed with PTSD, where states stand on the matter is a subject of much importance.

Even more astounding than the fact that 31% of veterans are diagnosed with PTSD is the statistic that veterans make up almost 25% of medical marijuana patients. Though the majority of them suffer from PTSD, very few are recommended medical marijuana as a treatment for their condition.

Several studies have been conducted on the potential for cannabis to relieve PTSD, and have turned up promising results. Along with these tests, the American Medical Association is in the process of running controlled tests to determine how effective marijuana can be in treating PTSD and a handful of other conditions.

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