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How Medical Marijuana Evaluations Work

In Florida and several other states throughout the U.S., medical marijuana has been legalized. However, to obtain cannabis for a range of health conditions, patients typically must undergo a medical marijuana evaluation. 

Here, we’ll explain what you can expect from a medical marijuana evaluation, along with how to prepare for your appointment. 

What is a Medical Marijuana Evaluation?

A medical marijuana evaluation is a short appointment with a licensed physician to determine whether or not you’re eligible for medical cannabis use. During this appointment, you’ll need to present evidence that you have one of the qualifying conditions in Florida. 

Evaluations ensure that each patient is a good fit for medical marijuana and is advised on safe cannabis use. You can’t obtain a medical marijuana card without first undergoing an evaluation. 

Medical Marijuana Re-Evaluations in Florida

In Florida, medical marijuana cards expire after 12 months. So, you’ll need to schedule a re-evaluation with a physician and submit a renewal application every year to keep your medical cannabis card current. You can begin the process of renewing your card 45 days before the expiration date. 

Preparing For Your Medical Marijuana Evaluation

Before attending your medical marijuana evaluation in Florida, you’ll need to gather a few documents for your physician to review. These documents include:

  • A valid Florida ID
  • Proof of Florida residency (a copy of your pay stub, lease, or utility bill)
  • All medical records that document your condition and treatments, including:
    • Past surgeries
    • Medical check-ups
    • Medications
    • X-ray/MRI results 
    • Disability paperwork 

Seeing an experienced medical marijuana doctor for your evaluation can streamline the process of applying for your Florida medical marijuana card. At Tetra Holistic Care, our medical cannabis doctors are highly trained and qualified, with extensive experience in the clinical use of marijuana. We’ll walk you through the process of obtaining your medical marijuana card to help you achieve symptom relief. 

Schedule your appointment today to get your medical marijuana card.


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