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How Often Should I Renew My Medical Marijuana ID Card?

If you rely on marijuana for your medical care in Florida, you’ll need to keep your Medical Marijuana ID card active. Florida Medical Marijuana cards must be renewed each year to prevent a gap in medical cannabis care. 

When To Start Renewing Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card

It’s important to start the renewal process well in advance of your card’s expiration date. If the expiration date passes before you’ve completed the renewal process, you won’t be able to obtain medical marijuana.

You can view your Florida Medical Marijuana ID card’s expiration date on the front of the card, beneath your birthdate. Additionally, the Florida state government should remind you via email 45 days before your card expires. 

The Renewal Process For Florida Medical Marijuana Cards

It’s recommended to renew your medical marijuana card 45 to 90 days before the expiration date. You can complete the renewal process online or simply visit a medical marijuana doctor at Tetra Holistic Care. As a full-service clinic, we’ll handle the renewal process for you using your preferred payment method. This makes the renewal process faster and more convenient for our medical cannabis patients. 

If you opt to renew your card online, you can start the renewal process up to 90 days in advance on the Florida Medical Marijuana Registry website. You’ll need to have an up-to-date doctor’s recommendation, which is valid for 7 months in Florida. 

To start, log into your account by entering your username and password. This will pull up your profile, including the option of card renewal. 

Begin by updating your personal information, if needed, and click the “Renew My Application”. Then, make sure that you have acceptable proof of residence in the system. If you don’t, you’ll need to add a photo of your driver’s license or two documents that include your name and address.  

After providing the required information, you can submit your online renewal application and cover the $75 application fee. You can pay by mail or online by entering your card information, which includes a $2.75 convenience fee. 

If you need to renew your Florida medical marijuana card, simply schedule an appointment at Tetra Holistic Care today. We’ll take care of the renewal process so that you can focus on what matters – your health. 

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