Medical marijuana has been legal in Florida for some time and recently opened up to allowing for the sale and purchase of fresh flowers. Unfortunately, some people are still questioning whether or not cannabis can actually be considered medicine. Here are just a few medical conditions that have been proven to respond well to medical cannabis.

  • Cannabis may prevent the growth and reduce the size of cancerous tumors.
  • Cannabis may be able to slow the progression of both Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis.
  • CBD extracts have been shown to stop epileptic episodes in most children.
  • Opiate addiction (and other addictions) can be curbed with the frequent use of medical marijuana.
  • Chronic pain sufferers typically agree that cannabis is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory and pain relief treatments they have tried, and it doesn’t have the harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals.
  • Some diabetic patients have found that using medical cannabis products regularly allows them to better control their blood sugar. 
  • Although most studies have focused on the benefits of marijuana in the treatment of PTSD, it is generally accepted that the plant also assists in the treatment of other mental illnesses.
  • Women at higher risk for osteoporosis can help their body regulate bone mass by regularly imbibing cannabis. 

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