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MMJ Card: Avoiding Scammers When Getting New Medical Marijuana Certification

MMJ Card: Avoiding Scammers When Getting New Medical Marijuana Certification

Since Florida voted to allow medical marijuana in 2016, many scams have surfaced as unscrupulous characters have tried to take advantage of unknowledgeable patients. Unfortunately, the rules and requirements for getting a medical marijuana card in Florida is such a complex, confusing, arbitrary process that many people have difficulty getting certification, even if they qualify.

This creates a breeding ground for scammers who take advantage of the frustration of patients by promising faster certification and immediate mmj cards. Unfortunately, the requirements are very strict, and only certain doctors can issue medical marijuana certifications. And only one Florida entity is permitted to actually process applications and issue identification cards.

Too often, patients go to the dispensary to discover that their mmj card is invalid, and they have spent much more than required to get that fake card. These patients then have to go  through the real process all over again and could be denied.

There are three main ways that you can tell if someone is a scammer, or if they are on the up and up. You should protect yourself by:

  • Checking that the doctor you have an appointment with is permitted to certify a patient for medical marijuana use. You can check the doctor against the government database.
  • Checking that The Office of Marijuana Use or the vendor Veritec is the entity that has issued your mmj card.
  • Make sure that you only get your medical cannabis from a licensed dispensary. No one can provide you with cannabis, and no one can give you permission to grow in Florida.

If you have any other questions about whether or not your providers are on the up and up, make sure to contact the Office of Marijuana Use for assistance.

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