Insomnia plagues thousands of Americans, and every day there are dangerous sleeping pills prescribed to these patients in the hope of curing their sleep deprivation. Chief among these are such medications as Trazadone, Valium, Lunesta, Ambien and Librium. Each contains a set of complications that can arise from extended use, including such ailments as kidney failure, thoughts of suicide, liver disease and psychological collapse. A large portion of these pills are created from chemical found in such highly poisonous plants as belladonnas and mandrakes. These plants have been classified as unsafe by the FDA but are still utilized in the production of sleeping pills regardless. Side effects of ingesting mandrake can include vomiting, nausea, and extreme inflammation of the digestive tract, while use of belladonna can lead to nervous system issues or collapse and increases to both breathing and heart rate. Henbane, another highly dangerous plant used to create sleeping pills, has a safe dosage of zero, yet is still used by pharmaceutical companies around the globe. Dangers of henbane ingestion can include hallucinations, dry mouth, dilated pupils, urinary blockage, increased heart/breathing rate and lethality to children.

In contrast, the risks of marijuana include lung issues (which can be completely avoided by non-smoking ingestion), temporary short-term memory loss and reduced blood pressure, which is not always a negative factor. Lower blood pressure can open the arteries, allowing a reduction of stress which benefits sleep quality. Utilizing marijuana also lowers the body’s temperature by about half a degree, allowing this combination of effects to provide great relief from daily life. Reports also show a larger unbroken sleep time as well as patients waking less groggy and felling more rested. Generally, indica and indica-dominant varieties of cannabis boast the greatest results for insomnia relief, and are ideally taken either vaporized or through edibles before falling asleep, 30 minutes before with vaporization and 2 hours before with edibles for best effect and maximum rest.

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