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Sleeping Better With Cannabis

Insomnia is an incredibly common symptom of millions of people, making them unable to sleep for an adequate amount of time or fail to receive the correct quality of sleep. Patients with insomnia suffer in one or both areas of quality resting: falling asleep and staying asleep. Insomnia is known to be caused by a multitude of conditions and diseases, and presents itself in three specific strains. The least problematic type is known as transient insomnia, which still has other symptoms such as mildly impaired motor skills or daytime fatigue and is commonly cause by chronic depression or anxiety.

The most difficult insomnia to deal with, known as chronic insomnia, can cause physical fatigue and even hallucinations in addition to sleep deprivation. Patients with this type of insomnia are incredibly challenged with getting to sleep, and may even wake so frequently during the night that they are hard-pressed to fall back asleep. This lack of sleep slows motor skills and causes heavy fatigue during the day, and will continue in an unending cycle that is the most common symptom of insomnia.

With over sixty million Americans diagnosed with insomnia, many over the age of 65, medications abound for the condition.  Unfortunately, these medications also have side effects that include a groggy and tired feeling after waking up. This effect is present is about 70% of those who took medication for their insomnia, and eight percent of those also develop an addiction if the medication is Xanax or Valium.

Medical marijuana has been legal as a prescription for insomnia in almost all of the states that curtly allow cannabis as a medication, and has been proven to be a potent sleep medication without leaving patients tired and groggy in the morning and has a much lower addiction rate than either Xanax or Valium.

The most common type of cannabis used as a sleep aid is indica strains low in the active chemical THC, which allows them to give a better body high and have a much less potent cerebral effect. They can also aid in healing chronic pain, a known major cause of insomnia.

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