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Going in with no experience in the medical marijuana world I was pleasantly surprised to find a standard medical office. I did not have an appointment but I did prepare and had my medical records from my doctor in hand. I checked in, they had me fill out the standard paperwork and asked me to take a seat. After a short wait (less than 15 minutes) I was called into one of the patient rooms where they took my blood pressure and told me to wait for the doctor. Again, a nice short wait and the doctor appeared with a smile on her face. We had a brief chat about why I was there and what I was hoping to get out of medical marijuana. Having been suffering with arthritis in both of my knees for several years that was my biggest woe but it was now joined with insomnia so the doctor talked me through what best forms of medical marijuana would work for me, dosage, etc. She was very informative and made me feel heard and asked me a couple times if I had any questions. After our chat, she signed my forms and sent me on my way. I walked out a half hour later, referral letter (plus a laminated extra) and photo ID in hand with a list of dispensaries for where to go next. All in all, an extremely painless and actually pleasant experience.

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