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Three AIDS Symptoms Helped By Medical Marijuana

Three AIDS Symptoms Helped By Medical Marijuana

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Although there have been many breakthroughs in recent years regarding the treatment and possible cure of AIDS, as of yet there is not a reliable cure available. However, there are some treatments that can help alleviate some of the symptoms that AIDS patients frequently have. One often overlooked treatment for AIDS symptoms is medical marijuana. Here are three common symptoms that are alleviated with this plant.

Nausea and Appetite Loss

The most concerning symptoms that occur are those related to the digestive tract, appetite, and weight loss. When weight is lost quickly without being held in check, it can make new symptoms appear or other symptoms to worsen. Medical marijuana eases nausea and brings on the munchies, allowing you to eat a healthy and balanced diet and keep it down. This prevents the weight loss that makes patients seem more sickly than they really are.

Pain Relief

Medical cannabis is also a great pain reliever. As HIV or AIDS progresses, the body begins feeling more and more pain. Medical marijuana can ease that pain and allow you to live a more normal life, free of prescription painkillers that can be harmful and come with even more side effects.

Mood Enhancer

Having a terminal illness like AIDS is a very depressing and stressful experience to go through. Many patients suffer from severe anxiety and/or depression. Marijuana has been proven to be able to boost mood, making patients better able to cope with their mental health.

If you or a loved one has AIDS and you are interested in the benefits that medical marijuana has to offer, talk to your participating doctor or contact us for more information.

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