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What Is Telemedicine?

What Is Telemedicine?

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As a result of COVID-19, the state of Florida is allowing patients to complete reevaluations for medical marijuana services. This allows patients to avoid gaps in medical marijuana treatment without having to leave the safety of their homes. 

Telemedicine enhances accessibility to healthcare services by allowing patients to receive care remotely. The expansion of telehealth services in Florida is an exciting advancement for patients and physicians alike. 

Florida MMU Renewals

Florida medical marijuana cards are valid for a year after they’ve been approved. Once that year is up, however, patients will need to renew their medical marijuana cards. The renewal process, which should be started 45 days before your current card expires, involves renewing your MMU application online and seeing your medical marijuana doctor for a reevaluation. This reevaluation simply needs to be completed to ensure that you’re still a candidate for medical marijuana treatment. 

Telemedicine for Medical Marijuana Reevaluations 

With new Florida guidelines regarding telemedicine for medical marijuana reevaluations, you can schedule a virtual visit with your doctor rather than going in-person to the office. This not only provides greater convenience and safety for patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but can also speed up the renewal process for patients with busy schedules. 

Guidelines are still in place in Florida for medical marijuana patients looking to receive care via telemedicine. For one, you must first receive a complete, in-person physical exam before the initial medical marijuana certification can be provided. Telehealth appointments can only be used for existing medical marijuana patients who need to renew their current cards. 

To schedule a telemedicine appointment for your medical marijuana reevaluation, contact Tetra Health Centers. 

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